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One of my new items was featured in the Teacher’s Notebook newsletter this morning.  I’m so excited!  It’s an item that I uploaded pretty late last night so I was really surprised to see it in there.  Did you see it?  You can click on the picture below to head to my TN store.

Also, I know most people are more familiar with TpT than TN.  If you’re one of those people and you’d like to open a TN store, you can go through this link to get referred through me.

TpT is back up this morning!  That means I can share my new stuff with you!!  My first grade teachers came to me because they were looking for some ideas and resources for function machines.  They hadn’t been able to find much on the internet that wasn’t a standard worksheet.  I think part of the issue is that everyone seems to call this something different.  I call it rules, it’s also patterns, and then I’ve heard in-and-out boxes and function machines.  Have you found some helpful resources for this?  What do you call these?  Leave a comment below and I’ll share it with those teachers!

I created these 3 games using superheroes (I’m pretty sure all kids love superheroes don’t they??) that can be played in centers or as independent practice activities.  Each game is played a bit differently and the rules are included.  Laminate them or place them in sheet protectors, store with dry erase markers and dice, and you’re ready to play!  Because I’m all about giving away tons of free stuff, I put together one of the games on its own and am giving to you all for free!!!!  I know, I know. You can think me later 😉  Click the image below to download the game.
After you’ve played one game, I know you’ll want to come back for the other two!  You can buy the complete game through my TpT store.
Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on yesterday’s post.  You have until tomorrow night to enter.  I’m heading to Costco to pick up some things.  I seriously love that place!  I hope you have a fantastic spring-like day!


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      It's a site where teachers can upload and share their created products. Some are free and some cost money. I've found some tremendous resources on there so I decided to create my own. You should check it out sometime when you have a minute. It's now the first place I look when I need a new resource- even before I Google it.

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      Thank you! Quick question for you- have you found any good marketing idea with TN? There's no forum, and the only way to seem to advertise your shop and items is to add them to the news roll. Have you found anything else within their system? I hate that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to communicate with other shop owners.

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    Love your idea about Captain Cool. My name is Kim Mueller and I am on the Board of Directors at NCTM (national COuncil of Teachers of Mathematics). We will be having the annual meeting in Philadelphia in April. I would like to spotlight your blog and Captain Cool is that is okay with you.

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      That sounds great! I'd love a little more information on how you would like to do it. Can you give me a bit more information? You can email me at tessamaguire at

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      I guess the "identifying the rule given two addends" on the front was enough. Basically, students look at the number on the left, then the one on the right, and identify the rule. The numbers on the bottom follow the same rule. Let me know if that's still not clear.

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    Thank you for giving this as your Freebie on 10-6-12. It will be perfect for my second grade early finishers. I have the on level group so while the others are struggling the other students will have more practice and some fun! :)

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