Guided Reading

My teachers and I were talking about an easy way to document what happens in their Guided Reading groups. Their lesson plans are stored on index cards and are organized in a box by level.  They wanted an easy form that they could use to document observations and any spur of the moment teaching that occurs.  Each student would have a page and then they could be stored by group.  What do you think?  You can download it for FREE from my TpT store!


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    I like your form for guided reading. I keep a binder that has a section for each group and in there I put: lesson plans, word work activities, and strategies appropriate for that level (I photocopied all of the Fountas and Pinnell Continuum quick reference sheets). In the back on my binder I keep a tab for each student. I keep sight word checklists, running record forms, and individual notes on students in there. For keeping track of on the fly observations I use a sheet of address labels where I write the student's name, date, and GR level, and then any notes I want to remember. When I have time, I transfer these labels into the student's note's section in their tab. That way I'm not always flipping through my binder trying to find the student's section, because often there is not time when you want to make a quick note.

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      We are keeping our lesson plans for each book on index cards and in an index card box. That way, teachers can share lesson plans and they'll know which books are not available because the card is out. The teachers are storing these sheets by group so they can easily write observations and this way they don't have to rewrite entire plans daily!

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