I spent most of the day yesterday at home working on items for school. I haven’t gone into many details but I work with the K-3 classrooms in the building. Some parts of my job include finding and creating materials that the classrooms teachers can use. That’s where most of the items in my TpT and TN stores come from. Since we were blessed with this yesterday morning….

…I didn’t go out and do much and spent time creating. (Please forgive the super crooked photo.  I am not a remarkable photographer and am even worse on my outdated, flashless smartphone.)

One of my second grade teachers had asked me for some activities that they could do with prefixes and suffixes to keep them from constantly doing worksheets the whole week.  While I found an adorable bulletin board idea on Dandelions and Dragonflies that made trees, I knew they needed more than that.  So, I put together 3 different games- all working on the prefixes re, dis, un, and pre.  You can find it on sale in my TpT store by clicking on the image below.

To thank you all for finding my blog in its first week of existence (and reaching the 25 follower milestone!!!) I put together one of my prefix games and am giving it away for free!!  Click the gameboard image below to get that for free!