This is going to be a very long and very random post.  There are a lot of little things I want to share with everyone so forgive my randomness!

I created a Facebook page for my blog!!!  You can “like” it on my sidebar or find it on FB the next time you’re there.  I’m trying to learn the contest rules on there because I’m thinking of giving away a few items to my followers there.  As soon as I figure that all out- you all will be the first to know.  You can find a direct link here.

I created a collaborative Pinterest board called Centers and Small Groups.  If you haven’t noticed, most of what I create (which of course goes along with how I teach) is made for small group work.  This way, students practice skills while you have time to meet with groups or conference with students.  That board is here.  If you are interested in being able to pin to that board comment with your username below—but keep reading before you do!

And, finally, as a thank you for reading this entirely too long post, I’ve decided to give you freebie.  These are phonics terms I used with my students.  I found that giving them a cute saying helped kids remember them.  I still use these terms to refer to chunks with my 3rd graders.  Click the picture to download it.

Thank you again for all of the love!