Winter’s Back?!?!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got spring fever like crazy!!! This time last year we had almost 2 feet (yep!) of snow!  The area was under a state of emergency for two days.  I’d love to say that’s a fluke but we have crazy snow storms like that twice a winter- thought it’s usually closer to 1 foot than 2.  This year, though, we’ve had two snowy bad weather days- one in Dec. and one a few weeks ago.  That’s it.  There’s been no snow to sled in, no snow to make angels in, and no snow days to make students and teachers giddy!  At this point though, I’m ready for spring.  We’ve had way too many days in the 50s for me to enjoy the 30s and flurries that were flying around today.  So this is my one last hurrah for winter.  I’ll take this cold weather today but then I’m moving on to spring.  For my last hurrah, here’s my winter word work freebie I made a couple weeks ago. (Thank you to Graphics from the Pond for the absolutely adorable penguins and igloo)  This is great for those kinders who need to practice CVC words for their nonsense word test.  Each picture below will take you to a different item in my store- each working on a different short vowel.  Oh, and did I mentioned that all of them are free?!  Enjoy!


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    I just saw this pop up at classroom freebies and my eyes gravitated toward Northwest Indiana. I had to do a double glance! I too am a fellow blogger from NW Indiana. I LOVE finding bloggers close to home! I am now your newest follower! Great freebie!

    Growing Up Teaching

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    Hi Kim! I'm now following you as well. I especially love that the first thing I saw was your "Hey Girl" tribute. And I know what you mean about finding local people. It makes it feel more "real". And thanks!

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    Hi :) Thanks for sharing! I am having trouble finding the game cards tho.. I got the igloo when I downloaded the "a" but the others only opened as a picture of the cover….hmm, I will keep trying!

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    Oh my gosh! I was mass updating and either the system was glitchy or I totally messed up. Thank you so much for telling me! I've had almost 100 downloads and no one ever said anything! They should be fixed now. Please let me know if they aren't!

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