Dolch Easter Egg Sight Words

This post was a little bit early for Easter but I got a ton of positive feedback and saw pictures all over Pinterest.  As teachers, I’m sure many of you are OCD plan-aheaders like me :) so you were just fine with getting these Easter pages early.

If you missed downloading them click on the pictures to head to that post to get your free copy.  
When I created those, I used the word list our kindergarten students follow and I thought it might not align the best with all of you.  So, I decided to create another one.  This one follows the Dolch primer word list. 

You can get these from my TpT store for free.

I hope you enjoy these quick little freebies :)


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      Thanks for stopping by! I went over to your blog really quick and liked some of the items you posted. I will have to take a closer look when I have some time!

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      I'm glad you like it. I may make one more set. If I made another set, it would probably be the Dolch 1st grade set. Do you have a particular list you'd like me to use?

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    Thanks for providing a blank one as well. None of the lists quite matched our words but I can still use this to add to our centers. Thanks again!

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      That's the problem with sight words, isn't it? Everyone seems to have their own list. I'm glad the blank one will be useful for you.

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