This is my favorite time of year.  Why?  Well, because I get to destroy my teachers’ rooms.  Bahahaha!!!

I love my kindergarten team.  They are creative and do amazing things with their students.  Last year, I loved that they had leprechauns (except you can’t say that word or they come out) come visit and wreak some havoc on their rooms.  They did things like hide everything green, leave them little treats like pencils, leave green footprints everywhere.  They also destroy the room.  Chairs are flipped over.  There’s stuff everywhere.  And their teacher has been with them the whole time so they finally know it couldn’t be their teacher doing all of those things.  So, I couldn’t wait when I got to play leprechaun all over again this year!  Yesterday when the classes were on a hike, I paid them a visit.

Did you see the mistake?  I just now saw that.  Whoops!
My first grade team is going to be keeping the tradition going (love them too!).  It looks like I may get to play leprechaun again!

I’ve been working on a math review packet for kindergarten or first grade.  Our kindergarteners finish their standards so early in the year that we go through the first grade standards as well.  However, we’ve also found that their little minds tend to forget things if we just leave them go.  This packet will be a review of all of the things we’ve taught so far this year.  Here’s a free preview for you.  The cute ladybugs are from Graphics from the Pond.  It’s a picture but you can download it and save or print it.  Let me know if you have any troubles with it.  The math review packet will be coming out very soon- with more freebies I’m sure! 🙂

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