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Lately I’ve been sharing with you a few sites that I contribute on.  A while back I shared Classroom Freebies Too which is absolutely fabulous because everything is free!  Yesterday, I shared The Lesson Cloud.  Today, I’ll share Simply Centers.  I love this site because I love anything centers.  I think centers, no matter how you structure them, are a fabulous way to free you up to be able to meet with students from all levels.  You should also check out my Centers and Small Groups Pinterest board.  It’s a collaborative board so lots of centers ideas are posted on it.  Make sure you follow it (and me!) while you are there!

Finally, Jenn at Best Practices 4 Teaching opened up her blog for me to guest post today.  I loved having the opportunity to share my ramblings with other people.  Check it out here and feel free to browse around her blog and follower her as well.

Have a fantastic day!


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      Of course, I had a sec to come check out your blog and it's gone. And, I know why from the forum. I hope to find your new blog soon. Thanks for following!

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