Are you a little sluggish this morning with the time change? I am! I have been trying to convince myself I need to start cleaning my house but I just can’t seem to quite make it off the couch. I promise I’m going to do it as soon as I make this post. Er, well, shortly after I make this post. 🙂

I’ve had a few people ask how they can get started on TpT. It’s really quite simple. You can just change your buyers account to a sellers and upload your first product. I promise that it’s addicting! But I think it’s a great hobby to have. Here are links that you can use to sign up to TpT or TN if you’d like to get referred through me.

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I am staying in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit but have moved onto some word work.  This game can be played in centers or at anytime throughout the day.  It can be played in partners or with small groups of students.  All you need to play are counters and dice. Easy peasy! It works on Magic E words (note: I didn’t include any digraphs or blends.  It’s truly CVCE).  I’ve also included a recording sheet if you’d like your students to also write the words.Click on the picture to head to my TN shop to download your copy for free.

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While you’re there, take a look around my TN shop.  I tend to not always post the same thing in the same place.  Sometimes it takes too much time for me to post in both TN and TpT so sometimes I just post in one.  TN is a lot quicker and easier to post in so I tend to do that sometimes.
Finally, do you know The Lesson Cloud?  It’s a great collaborative blog that has 100 different authors.  I’m a new collaborator on there.  Check out my post from Friday on subtraction.  The Lesson Cloud is going green this week.  You’ll find a lot of green themed posts.  Stop by and check it out.
Have a fantastic Sunday!!!