Our kinders are beginning their Weather unit when we come back from Spring Break.  As we were planning, their teachers asked me to create a journal where they record what the temperature was each day, write a sentence about the weather, and draw a picture to show what it looks like.  I love the way it turned out!  Click on the picture to download this individual one for free.

It’s also part of a larger, updated unit.

There are 4 different journals: Butterfly, Ladybug, Plants, and Weather.  This covers the topics we cover in science this spring.  Each journal is formatted the same: date, place to record (life cycle, temperature, or measurement{US or metric}), space for writing, and space for a picture.
Each journal also comes with a scaffolded writing set.  The scaffolded writing is set up so you can differentiate by student need, or so you can build into paragraph writing.  The pages range from sentence starters {First, my plant}, just transition words {First,}, just broken up into fourths, and then a paragraph.  This set is great for building students into paragraph writing.  It’s also a great piece that can be displayed for teachers, parents, and administrators because they will be shocked by your students’ writing.
Just click the picture below to head to my TpT store to check it out.  It’s in my TN shop as well.

I’m a member of a great group of relatively new bloggers who decided to come together for a great giveaway. But giveaways are more fun if they have a little twist. So, we’ve also made this one a blog hop. Each blogger will be running the same giveaway on their blog. So after you enter here, head on over to each of the other blogs and comment to enter there as well! 

Here’s what you’ll win:
1. From me: Captain Cool, which practices addition and subtraction in function machines.
2. Ms. Fultz’s Corner: Egg-citing Math Bundle, which practices addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
3. All that Glitters in First Grade: Shape Fun, which practices the basic shapes circle, hexagon, octagon, oval, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle.
4. Ms. McDonald’s Fourth Grade: Decimal War, which practices decimals from tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and mixed decimals.

5. Young and Lively Kindergarten: Growing in a Spring Kinder-Garden Learning Center Games, which practice beginning sounds, color words, rhyming, number words 0-14, counting 1-20, real/nonsense words, reading CVC words,punctuation, & Time to the Hour.

Here’s how you enter to win:

3. Follow All That Glitters in First Grade’s blog and TpT store. {1 entry}
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Leave me a comment with your email address for each one of the 5 possibilities above.  This means you can get up to five entries here and up to five entries each by commenting on the other blogs as well. That’s 25 chances so go get yourself entered to win! Entries will end on Sunday, April 1st at noon CST. Winners for each blog will be announced that night.

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