The end of the year is HERE!

I mentioned yesterday that I’m getting ready for the end of the year.  I know it’s the time of year when we’re all stressed, and, let’s be honest, we just don’t have quite as much of ourselves to give, so I thought I’d host an End of Year linky party that can be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make it to the end.  You can post links to units, ideas, craftivites, etc.  I’d love to even see some ideas for gifts for students or teachers for the end of the year.  If you’re linking up, please post the image with your post to help spread the word.  Links can be added through the end of June so check back often to see what’s been updated.  
You’re almost there!



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    What an elegant new blog design, Tessa – love it!
    Thanks for this opportunity. I'm going back to my Summer Camp post to add your linky party in!

    Primary Inspiration

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    Hi, I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to show some of my end of school ideas.

    If you have a second come on over Tales from Second

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      Thanks for stopping by. Your post you linked wasn't specific to an end of year activity so I had to remove it. It'd be great if you'd link up again.

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      Unfortunately, none of your submissions were items for the end of the school year, so I had to remove them. If you have items that are intended to be used for the end of the school year, I'd love for you to resubmit.

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