I’ve spent most of the summer apologizing for my lack of posting.  It has seemed like I’ve either not been posting, or have been guest posting on others’ blogs.  It’s been a crazy summer!

If you’re my Facebook follower (and if you aren’t, you should get over there and do it!) you already know about this new site.  But, I wasn’t ready for the grand unveil until I got some other stuff figured out.

Much of the time that I’ve spent this summer blogging has actually been over at The Differentiation Destination.  I had the idea for this blog a few months back.  I sat on it for a while and didn’t do anything about it.  It still kept coming back into my head. So, I finally decided to act on it.  It is a collaborative blog, and I’ve been recruiting some wonderful bloggers to help me with the site, and I hope it to be THE place to go to for information on differentiation.  There’s a few posts on there.  I’d love it if you would head on over and check it out and come a follower!

Have you heard about Dollar Days at The Lesson Cloud?  Most of the authors are offering items on sale for $1 and $2 this upcoming Sunday and Monday.  I will announce my items on my post on Saturday.  If you click the image above, you can go to the site and check out some information.  This post will update with all of the items once it goes live!