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      I got one in the spring and haven't used it quite as much as I thought but I keep going back to it. I thought I'd try it out for the year. I love the plastic pouch and the little folder!

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    E.C. Life Planners are so gorgeous! Everyone compliments mine when I bring it to our meetings.
    I need to get our tree up, too. At least I have some time!

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      They are beautiful! I really shopped around trying to find something with some of the features I loved about the EC and couldn't find anything!

      I hope to get mine up today!

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    Love your RAK Tessa. Wow that sounds a bit weird! heehee
    My kids and I are going to do Cara's candy cane notes on cars in some parking lots. I need to get my kiddos to open their hearts and realize how blessed they are and to give a little back. So important that kids experience that feeling-the little warm glow you get from giving to others. Go enjoy your pup!
    Fluttering Through First Grade

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