Creating your own games in Word

Hi there!  I know I’ve been hit and miss lately.  I hope that gets better soon!  I feel a little test focused with my RtI kiddos, a little blog designed focus when I get home, and a little hectic in between.  I hope to find some time to find my blogging ways again soon! :)

Today, I’m sharing a video I made a while back on creating games quickly & easily in Word.  No, I’m not kidding.  I much prefer to use Publisher to create things but this was the first way I learned how and I still think it’s pretty easy for new creaters.  Plus, I like to create things in the same format so students are familiar with it.  I’m also linking up with Queen of the First Grade Jungle’s Techy Tuesday linky (yes, I know it’s a day late!)  Watch the video and then click on her picture to check out the others! :)

AND, Fern’s Smith Techy Linky

Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers

What do you use to create games for your munchkins?


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