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I’m linking up with my good friend Jen from The Teacher’s Cauldron to share my resolutions for 2013.
My personal resolution is to be/to get better.  To be a better person.  To be healthier.  To find peace with my life.  To have more patience with others.  To reach new achievements.  To be better.
I’ve really been thinking a while about this.  I’ve always struggled with blogging.  First, I’m not sure anyone wants to hear what I have to say.  Second, while my followers have grown, there are very few posts I get comments on.  So, my goal for the year is to build my interaction with my followers.  I want to post things you want to read and hear from you!  
I’m also linking up to Farley’s Currently for January!
Patience- I mentioned it above.  I’m very impatient.  I’m always on the go and always rushing and I miss so much that way.  I want to take things slower.  I want to be more patient with others instead of just getting frustrated.  Patience.
What are your goals for the year?  Is there something you wish you’d see more from bloggers?


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      Ew! Tomorrow? Already? I don't go back until Monday so I wanted to get more done early in the week and relax the rest of the week and the weekend.

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    Ah yes, I hate that feeling when you go to your classroom but leave unfinished. Good luck this week :) Your blog is so pretty! Fun to find you from my co-worker Farley!

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      Doors were locked, the internet was broken, and it just wasn't good. I really hope I can get in and get some work done. Otherwise, Monday will be rough to say the least!

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    I love your new blog design! I'm going to work today to try to get ready for next week. We go back Monday too, but the kiddos don't come until Wednesday, so at least we have 2 days to ease into it!
    Teachin' First

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    Love your resolutions! I also love reading your blog. I hear ya on the patience. I've been learning that the hard way the past couple of years and it's finally paying off. Just stay strong and you'll get there!

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    1- love your new design… soooo original and doesn't getting a blog design that screams you make you want to blog more???
    2- I went to school today… grabbed my stack of papers that need to be graded and hubs grabbed the stinky cooler and we were out of there in less than 15 minutes
    3- thanks for linking up my friend 😉

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    My goal for this year is to simplify. I need lots of help de-cluttering my classroom, my home, my life. Hopefully that will help me be better…better person and better at the things I do. Love reading your blog!

    Terri Izatt

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