Fact and opinion is such an important skill to teach students. In the digital area, information is presented continuously to people.  Our students need to be able to judge the quality of a text, the validity of the arguments, and make their own decisions based off of it.  It takes a lot of work to build those much needed, “adult” skills in students and it starts out in the primary grades at a foundational level.  Fact and opinion cane be presented in such simple forms and solidified early on, so that by third grade, students are analyzing the opinions of authors and the quality of evidence included.

This American themed fact and opinion sort is simple and straightforward.  There are a variety of statements about the United States, American symbols, and presidents.  It’s perfect for work during February leading into President’s Day.  It’s designed to be a shared sort lesson since the sentences are written with contextual vocabulary that the kids may not be able to decode.  But, depending on your grade level, it might be perfect as an independent practice center.

You can download it by clicking here or the image above.

fact and opinion sort