I haven’t started only speaking in acronyms but there are two sites I want to share with you all.  First off is Facebook or fb in my world.  I know you have an account.  I know that many of you have two- one for yourself and one for your page.  I’m psychic.  It’s a gift.  🙂  Just in case you haven’t stumbled across my fb page yet, here’s a link to check it out.  Of course, you should also certainly “like” my page so you get all my newest information.  I’ve made it easy for you.  Scroll down and it’s on the left sidebar.  I’ll wait for you to do it…..

Oh, and there’ll be something St. Pat’s Day special for my fb fans later this week. *hint, hint*.  I’ll wait again, just in case you didn’t go the first time.

Second, do you know Teaching Blog Addict?  You don’t?  Well, it’s a pretty fantastic site if you are looking for some great new teaching blogs.  You can find blogs by your specific grade level or some general blogs.  And if you are thinking of becoming a blogger, or new to it, they have some great free tips.  It really helped me those first few days.  (Who am I kidding.  It was one day.  One very long, consuming, obsessive day.)  There are also some fantastic posts each and every day so you’ll want to be sure it’s on your reader feed.  Oh, and they are now on Pinterest.  Because we just can’t get enough, can we?

Check out the site by clicking the adorable button below.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!