It’s April 1st.  That means it’s time for another currently!  If you are new to teacher blogs, basically, every month Farley puts out a new currently where we can let you all know what we’re doing in our personal lives and give you a glimpse in.  You can click the image of my currently to head over to her blog and check her out.  You’ll love her.  I promise.

Do you do April Fools?  I don’t.  I don’t like to be tricked and I don’t plan enough to have a really good one anyway.  But I totally got fooled today.  Completely.  Do you get the TpT newsletter?  Did you see that Deanna Jump was going to the State of the Union?  Paul from TpT talked with the Obamas?  Yeah, that was all a joke.  A big fat joke.  I couldn’t believe it!  Anyway, I’m linking up with the Honey Bunch on the best April Fools jokes.  Seriously, I don’t think anyone can beat that one.

Also, the winners of our blog hop and giveaway were drawn tonight.  Each blog has it’s own winner so if you didn’t win here, head on over to the others to see if you won there!  Each blogger will email the winners their items.  I’m being exceptionally lazy tonight (I go back to school after having been on spring break for the last week, so I know you understand the laziness) so I didn’t take pictures of the winning number and comment, but I promise, cross my heart, that I used to draw the winner.  The winner is comment #28!  Heather! Heather, your emails will be coming soon!

Thank you to all of you who left such sweet feedback on my page border post yesterday.  I’ve decided to create more and will be posting them onto TpT.  Look for them soon!

Finally, my freebie pack of my 2nd grade Common Core math standards was a featured freebie on the wonderful site, The Cornerstone for Teachers.  Click on the image below to check out the rest of the awesome freebies!

I hope you have a fantastic night.  It’s back to work for me…….