Do you know this book?
I had two guests posts about Guided Reading last week.  First, I posted on the Tchr 2 Tchr page on using beanie babies to teach decoding strategies.  Then, on Saturday on Mrs. Miner’s Kindergarten Monkey Business, I shared charts to help you organize your Guided Reading groups.

I thought I should explain to you about my thoughts on Guided Reading.  First and foremost, tons of people call their reading Guided Reading.  However, when I speak those terms I refer ONLY to the Guided Reading as described by the experts Fountas & Pinnell.  The focus of their groups is on strategies and strategy usage.  Some essentials:

  • Students are grouped based on ability, but these groups are fluid.  Students change groups as needed and aren’t just stuck in the same group.
  • Minilessons focus on strategy usage and point out a few key features of the text to help students be successful.
  • Students read independently using the strategies that have been taught.  The teacher monitors the students and helps when needed, but that help is again focused on strategies of some kind.
  • After reading, students discuss the strategies they used to reinforce their learning.
I also do an additional after reading activity with the groups that extends the time a bit.  This might be a word work activity.  It may focus on the comprehension.  I identify what I’d like to focus on based on that book, and what we are working on in class at that time.  
If you aren’t familiar with Guided Reading and you are doing leveled reading groups with your students, I’d highly recommend checking it out.  You can buy a copy from Amazon by clicking on the image above.
Let me know if you have any questions about how I do Guided Reading.  I’d love to hear some input from all of you!