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My Dad Rules! Father’s Day (and other special people) Writing

Father’s Day is always an interesting subject for me.  Without getting into details, I don’t celebrate it.  And given a very sad story at our school this year, celebrating it at school just seems odd.  But, we are.  We have Donuts for Dads in about a week.  We needed some things to show our love for our dads so I’ve come up with a few different items.  This is a My Dad Rules! writing page.

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Guest post- Arlene from It’s Elementary

I’m so excited to have Arlene as a guest blogger today!  Arlene has so much knowledge from her variety of experiences that I love to read her insights.  I hope you enjoy this guest post from her today. I would like to thank Tessa for this wonderful opportunity to share a topic that is so important in K-3.  Having worked in a Title I school for many years as an ESL Resource teacher I did a lot

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Caterpillar Families

I’ve got a busy weekend this weekend!  Today, I’m working with my favorite non-profit on a fun activity for the kiddos in the city and then going to a birthday party.  Tomorrow I’m watching my favorite three munchkins for a while and then heading to a cookout.  Most teachers love summer because it’s when things relax for them. Things only seem to get busier for me during the summer and I think this weekend is

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Saturdays and Teacakes

The marvelous Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyle is doing a picture book party.  A ton of bloggers are sharing their favorite picture books and lessons that go with them.  I’m choosing Saturdays and Teacakes by Lester Laminack because it’s one of my favorites and isn’t that well known. I wanted to go through a lesson I do with the book, but, sadly, I couldn’t find my copy of it to remind myself.  I think I loaned

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Number Grids and the TpT Newsletter

Whoo hooo!  My K/1 Common Core Math Warm Ups are in the TpT newsletter today.  If you’ve now found me after reading yours, Welcome!  If you haven’t gotten the TpT newsletter, check it out here. More and more people are interested in becoming TpT sellers after hearing how much money Deanna Jump makes.  I wish we all could be at that level, but those are some big shoes to fill.  If you’re interested in becoming a

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