My Dad Rules! Father’s Day (and other special people) Writing

Father’s Day is always an interesting subject for me.  Without getting into details, I don’t celebrate it.  And given a very sad story at our school this year, celebrating it at school just seems odd.  But, we are.  We have Donuts for Dads in about a week.  We needed some things to show our love for our dads so I’ve come up with a few different items.  This is a My Dad Rules! writing page.  There’s a cute ruler on it.  Get it? 🙂  Because I know not everyone has dads, I created a page with grandpa, and a blank one.  That way, you can write in whoever you (or the kiddos) want.  Click on any of the pictures to head to my TpT store to download it for free.  It’ll also be up in my Teachers Notebook store soon.


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