I’m linking up over at Mrs. Stanford’s Good Reads Linky.  I have a few books I’d like to get read in the next couple months.  I haven’t had much time to read lately (I just started The Hunger Games about two weeks ago) so I’d like to get some done.  I only officially have off the month of July and I’m super busy with the non-profit work I do during all of the summer months, but it’s still less busy than the school year!  I’d love to hear what some of you plan on reading as well.

Indiana has begun transitioning to the Common Core standards.  I have a pretty good grasp on things and have read all of the information that’s been available from our state.  At the same time, I don’t think you can be too prepared.  While I’m not jumping on the bandwagon with many of the CCSS items that are being released out there, I trust Heinemann and Lucy Calkins and so I’m willing to bet that this is a quality read.

I haven’t yet read anything by Debbie Diller but I’ve really wanted to.  I’ve heard great things about her centers/small groups books.  Because I LOVE Daily 5, I think I’ll start with this book of hers.
I have a few more books that I’d like to read.  There’s been a couple recommended by some of my teachers and there’s one for work I need to read.  We’ll see how much I actually get done! 🙂 
What are your reading plans for this summer?  Or, are you going on an awesome adventure instead?