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Number sense activities and resources with number magnets spilled onto table

Number Sense Activities and Resources

Number sense is the single best indicator of students’ success in math. As adults who are successful with mathematics, we have memorized steps and methods that work best for us. We have facts memorized.  We use our number sense to do mental math quite frequently.  We struggle to see the point with the crazy and convoluted steps students are asked to do because we no longer have to think through problems the way students do.

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Spelling City from Sunny Days

Since I’ve been guest posting all over the place, and sending you to so many blogs to see my posts, I thought it’d be great to have another guest blogger here.  I’m so excited to welcome Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade!  She has some great tips on using Spelling City in your classroom! Denise here from Sunny Days. Thanks so much Tessa for allowing me to guest post today. I’ve been working closely

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Back to School with Guess Who

Have you seen the Back to School with Guess Who series over at A Differentiated Kindergarten?  Marsha has a ton of guest bloggers giving fantastic tips and ideas for starting off your year great!  Every day is a surprise!  Well, today, it’s me.  Click the cute button below to come on over and check out my cute, FREE, Year Book!             

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The Cornerstone for Teachers

Classroom management is crucial.  We can dream about having 25 kids sit in their desks, listen, and do exactly what we ask of them.  But, it’s not going to happen.  In fact, I think it might make things a bit boring actually.  *gasp*  I mean, sometimes that kid who shouts out something so ridiculous that makes you all (including you) laugh, is a blessing in disguise because things need lightening up. But, none of us

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Common Core Resources

I think a lot of people are spending their time this summer trying to get ready for the Common Core.  I know that every state has their own implementation plan so everyone is at different levels of comfort and understanding.  Here in Indiana, kindergarten implemented the CCSS last year and 1st grade will implement them this year.  All of the other grades are supposed to be working on beginning to major concepts as they are

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