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It’s About Time

I know I’ve been MIA lately.  While everyone else gets excited about summer because things slow down, things always seem to pick up for me.  I get super busy with the non-profit I’m involved with and we end up having something going on nearly every weekend.  Plus, I’m only officially off in July, and I’m incapable of completely staying away.  Today is July 12th, I only have a few weeks of my break left, and

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Daily 5 Book Study- Chapter 4

Have you been doing the Daily 5 Book Study?  I have been a terrible student!  I’ve read many of the posts throughout, but I have yet to do a post about it and link up.  And now, I’m hosting Chapter 4 and I’m late linking up.  I thought I’d schedule my post ahead of time, but with the festival I’ve been volunteering at every night, it just didn’t happen.  But that’s okay, because everyone enjoyed

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