For this edition of Woo Hooo Wednesday, I’m participating in Amy Lemons’s Tell me More, Tell me More linky party!  I’m excited to share some more personal details with you.  
  1. I have changed rooms every year except 1 while I was teaching.  My first year (06-07) going into my second year, we stayed put.  Then, we moved into a new room on the other end of the building.  Then, we were moving into a large {for lack of a better word} closet.  I packed us all up.  But, as it turns out, I left that summer and took a position in a different building.  So, I moved all of my stuff out and 20 miles away.  Well, at the end of that year (09-10), I was RIFed.  Of course, that meant I took a job and moved again.  I got set up in our office, not a classroom, and at the end of that year, our office was part of the new construction, so I got to move again!  I just finished up packing my office to move yet again into a new room.
  2. Speaking of rooms, I have never had my own space.  When I was a reading teacher, I shared the classroom with the other Title 1 staff.  At one point, it was 3 other people.  When I left and was a DI coach, I shared an office with the data coach.  As a team leader, I shared an office with the other team leader.  And now, as Curriculum Coordinator, I will be sharing space with our RtI staff                                                 
  3. When I’m not teaching, most of my time is spent volunteering for my local Jaycees chapter.  I often talk about spending my time with my favorite local non-profit.  I have held various positions on my local and state board of directors.  I enjoy fundraising and giving back to my community.  It also has made me a much better public speaker- I never thought I’d be comfortable standing up in front of a group of adults and talking.  I still get a bad case of the ummms, but I am so much better than I used to be!

That’s me laying out some eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt a few years ago

That’s me giving a speech at our awards and installation banquet this January.

4. I am a huge sports fan!  I love the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears.  And, of course, I spend my winters watching Butler Basketball!  Go Dawgs!

5. I have an obsessive personality.  I go through spurts with them but they’re obsessions for a while.  I played Words with Friends nonstop for a while.  And then I Pinterested nonstop for a while.  And then I became obsessed with creating products for a while.  Right now, I’m not obsessing over anything like that.  But, I currently do have a food obsession.  Of course, that goes through spurts too.  For a while it was Buffalo Wild Wings, and before that it was this little Mexican place, and right now it’s the sandwich shop in the town over.  I’ve gone 4 times in the last week or so.  Obsessed!

6. I don’t have any kids of my own yet.  However, I do have 3 kiddos that love to fill in whenever necessary.

Here they are with their mama- my BFF

And, I also have this guy.  I got him from the shelter a little less than two years ago.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me and my life.  I am so excited to read all of the other entries!