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3D Shapes and a Fall Sale

Every week I keep saying that I’m going to get a post up and going during the week.  Every week I don’t make it!  I’m heading to work in a few minutes and I’m hoping that I can get all caught up (and maybe a little ahead) so that I’ll have a bit more time during the week.  Maybe.

First up, I have some exciting news.  I realized that the next TpT sale is still a few months away, so I decided to put my entire TpT store on sale for 20% off.  There are quite a few other sellers deciding to do the same this weekend.  Click the picture below to come over to my store and get some goodies you’ve been waiting for!

Also, I’ve been spending some time working on some 3D shape items.  The fabulous first grade teachers I work with asked for some help creating and looking for items.  They found some awesome 3D shape posters from the awesome Teacher Tipster.  We loved them, but they just weren’t cutesy enough for me.  I asked if I could snazzy them up a bit, and the Teacher Tipster agreed!  If you don’t know Teacher Tipster, you can check out his blog or Facebook page for some great ideas!

You can get these shape posters and chants for FREE just by clicking the image above!

Also, I created a matching 2D & 3D Shape Bingo game.  I continued the cute blue chevron theme.  There are 10 different cards (half-sheets to save paper) and two different ways for the teacher to call the shapes.  I included the shape names so students can be the caller.  I also included cards that include attributes of the shapes.  It meets Common Core State Standards 1.G.1 and 1.G.2.  You can click the picture below to come and check it out in my store.  It’s on sale too!

That’s it for me today.  I’ll have something else for you tomorrow.  Promise.



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