Wow!  What a week!  Things have been crazy at work, I caught an end of summer bug, and had that giant giveaway going on.  I felt like I was either rushing to get something done, or I was sleeping.  Thankfully, I seemed to beat this cold pretty quickly.  I’m not 100% but I can breathe and don’t feel the need to sleep 14 hours a day anymore.  But, there’s quite a bit I want to get you caught up on so keep reading…

First, I’m over at Time for Kindergarten today.  I shared ideas on how I used my letter tiles to practice phoneme segmentation and blending.  Click on the picture below to head over there to check out more and to grab this for free if you haven’t already!

About my giveaway….
Apparently, when you subscribe by email (thanks for that, by the way!) your email comes the next day.  Who knew?!?  I sure didn’t.  And then I had this genius (yes, it was genius) idea to have freebies for one day only, and everything came to a crashing halt!  Many of the blogger/sellers that joined me used Google Docs links and all was good.  However, there were a few who put items in their TpT store for free for just that day.  I was so disappointed to find so many people say they went to get it and couldn’t.  Of course, at first I thought people were just late.  THEN I realized that it was a crazy fiasco and people had just found out!  I’m going to try and go back through my emails and make amends.  I apologize if you were one of the people who had tried to get something and couldn’t.  I know how much that stinks!


I spent my weekend updating my 3rd grade CCSS Daily Math Warm Ups.  With the huge common core push nationwide, I kept getting tons of positive comments and requests for more.  The first thing I did was put the corresponding standards next to the problems.  There were a lot of requests for this and it just made sense and I’m not so sure why I hadn’t thought of it in the first place.  For all of you who already bought it, you can just download the new version from your My Purchases tab on TpT.

I also spent the weekend creating the unit for the entire year!  There were so many people who asked to have them, and so I obliged!  You can click the picture above to check out the yearlong unit and get it from my TpT store for $20.  It saves you $4 over purchasing the sets individually.  Or, you can click the pictures below to get the individual sets.

The post is titled “It’s Football Sunday” for a reason!  Are you super stoked that it’s football season?  I am!  I LOVE fall.  I love the cooler weather, and sweaters, and cider and apples and pumpkins.  I love relaxing on the couch under the blanket watching football.  I love chili and pumpkin cupcakes.  I love fall.  This year, I joined my first fantasy football league.  I’m a little bit lost on how the fantasy part actually works but I’m already having tons of fun!  My favorite part is that I’m participating with some other bloggers and am getting to know them.  We’ll be offering some goodies for you all throughout the season as well!  If you want to check out the other bloggers, click their buttons below.  It’s going to be a fun season!

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