I’m excited to be on Fall Break!  We get two days off and it always seems to come at the perfect time.  Right when you think you can’t handle anymore, we get a two day break.  It’s just long enough that it’s a great mental refresher, but short enough that you don’t freak about going back to work.
I’m spending some time trying to plan what I’m going to do with my RtI students at the end of next week.  We’re meeting to come up with a gameplan for our students, so I can’t plan too far in advance.  But I know we’re going to move some students around and I know I can plan for them.
This week, with my third graders, I was really focusing on critical thinking with them.  Their low level comprehension is pretty good.  While they are missing some phonics skills, I know a good portion of my time with them is going to have to be spent analyzing reading, inferring, and doing some critical thinking.
I used this FANTASTIC unit from Creekside Teacher Tales!

The unit has short passages describing a dog that would like to be adopted.  It also includes three pet adoption applications.  Students read to decide which family would be the best for the dog.  There is only “best” family to adopt the pet, but it isn’t perfectly clear.

With my students, we weighed the pros and cons of each family to compare and contrast who would be best.  We were talking about who would be the best family, and we ran out of time.  I HATE when that happens!  Especially when we have so many days off!  When we go back, we’ll revisit Ernie and decide what family will be best.  Then we’ll write acceptance letters explaining why we chose them.
Next week, I’ll also be taking some of these same third graders for an intervention group focusing on number sense.  These kiddos have made it through the years without really strengthening their number sense and they’re running into a lot of problems.  So, we’ll be doing a lot of different hundreds chart activities.
I just created these Haunted Hundreds Charts *freebies* that I’ll use at the end of next week to get a quick gauge on them.  I want to see how quickly they’re able to figure out the missing numbers, and I want to see the strategies they use to complete it.  Do they go straight down the line?  Do they do them in order but counting along the way?  I think it’ll be an easy way for me to get to know them as math students.
You can download them from my TpT store here or my TN shop here.

I also have my Gearing up with Number Grids sets in my stores for free as well.

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I’m also going to be getting my Rocking Out the Numbers Chart unit ready.
This one isn’t free but you can get it in my TpT store and TN shop too.
And, because it’s my Fall Break and I’m making sure I don’t work too hard, I spent some time watching this awesome video today.  I hope you like it!