This year has brought many changes for my job.  One big change is I’m now doing most of the Tier 3 reading intervention in my building.  I’m still trying to get things up and going in a way that I’m happy with, but I’ve been pulling my students for about two weeks now.  I thought I’d periodically share what I’m doing with my students to hopefully give you a few ideas.

First up is a second grade friend I’m working one-on-one with that I can’t quite figure out.  When I first tested her, her reading level came out to a C.  Now, we’re currently reading Es.  Now, I know that’s not all me and probably she tested lower at the beginning of the year, but I’m excited nonetheless.  Here’s some things we’ve worked on so far.

First thing I did was try out the Teaching Tiles Early Learning Reading Readiness Center that I received from Educational Insights.

This was the perfect thing to use to get a gauge at where she was with a few different skills.  It includes tiles for both capitals and lowercase letters.  It also includes pictures that are used to match initial sounds.  We briefly used those cards and spent a bulk of the time on building CVC words.  I loved that a stand was included and she was able to put it on her lap (especially since we are working on the floor and don’t have tables but that’s a whole different story).  I also love that the border on the tiles matches the border on the cards so you quickly know which materials go together.  I think this would be a perfect independent center in a first grade (possibly even EOY kindergarten) classroom.  My munchkin was struggling with hearing where the sounds should be.  Because the needed letters are included on top, we could focus on trying to hear the sounds.  I quickly found out that she struggled with some phonemic awareness skills- especially segmentation and blending.  So, I knew I needed to start there as we were working.  But doing this with her also let me know that she knew her letter sounds and was reading much better than I had anticipated.  If you’d like to win your own Teaching Tiles Early Learning Reading Readiness Center from Educational Insights, keep reading! 🙂

I’ve also started using these two books for the first few minutes of my group time.

I use Sounds & Letters to work on her phonemic awareness.  (Side Note- it appears to be out of print because if you click the image above, it’s REALLY expensive on Amazon.  Buy it used.  Do not spend hundreds of dollars.  Um, No.) I really like this program because it spirals through the phonemic awareness continuum and connects motions that students do.  The first time I read it, I didn’t understand the motions and so I modified them to be arm movements instead of hand movements.  The book is set up in units with stages (the steps in the continuum).  Each new unit introduces different sounds that are used.  I generally do it for only about 5 minutes and do two stages per day, reviewing the one from yesterday and the next stage.  I only do it for 5 minutes because I think if it’s taking longer the students aren’t grasping it and aren’t ready for that stage yet and we’ll get back to that stage again in the next unit.  It’s been very successful with my students in the past.  I don’t do any of the spelling because generally it’s phonemic awareness that they’re struggling with and have the phonics down.
Sound Partners is a great spiral review.  It is an intervention program that’s meant to be done one-on-one in 30 minute sessions.  Each lesson builds and gets harder.  In the beginning it starts with letter sounds, phoneme segmentation, reading cvc words, and reading sentences.  The instructions are along the side of the page and make things easy.  I love that I don’t need to plan everything out.  I generally just have my kiddo read and don’t do the writing portions.  We do word work based on the book we read and so I only have her do the writing from there every couple weeks.
Next week, I also plan on adding in some hands-on activities that we can use for four and five sound words. She struggles with decoding and blending words as she reads and I think they’ll help.  I created these two hands-on manipulatives that can be used.  For every sound, students put the boat in the water or the ice cream on the cone.  They are free and can be downloaded by just clicking the pictures.
I also give her a little bit of homework to do because I want to continue to review and try out skills she should know since she won’t get most of them in her classroom.  I LOVE the Good Morning Work units from Teacher Idea Factory.  Since I’m not in a classroom I use it for homework instead.  She has one for September and one for October and will continue creating them each month (and also has a super fantastic math one for October).
Part of why I love these is because they’re perfect review for first grade.  With my little munchkin, it continues to practice skills she needs.  We’re still working through September so she’s been practicing rhyming and word families where this sample has nouns.  I also love that students have to expand on a sentence.  It’s a bit more higher order than typical morning activities and is application of so many different skills!  Have I mentioned I love this?   You can click on any of the pictures to head to her adorable blog and download a few pages to try out.  Trust me, you’ll love them too and buy a set. 🙂
So, back to the Teaching Tiles.  Educational Insights is letting me give away a kit for one of my readers!  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter below.    It’ll only be open through Wednesday so hurry and enter!