If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you know I like to dabble in creating digital clip art.  I call it clip art because I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s it exactly that either.  First, I can’t draw.  At all.  But, I’m pretty handy with this here ‘puter and I like to try new things with it.  The first things I created weren’t so good.  I’ve shared them here and I’ve seen others use them, but they just weren’t what I was looking for.  There’s a couple items in my TpT store that I’d like to take down now- for that reason 🙂

 I changed these cute polka dot page frames into a free item.  I hate that white middle and can now get rid of it.  I still like them but don’t think they need to be purchased 🙂  You can click the picture to go download them from my TpT store.

My first clip art creation that I was truly excited about was my polka dot clock clip art.  I needed a cute clock and couldn’t find any.  Voila.  The cutest clocks you ever did see!

My first digital papers were these chevron papers.  I spent FOR.EV.ER on these because I didn’t know some tricks that I know now.  I have really wanted to go through and redo these but haven’t gotten to them yet.
Then I started to create frames that could be used in products.  I could never find what I wanted when I was creating product covers and I was often creating my own.  These were created out of that need! 
Most recently, I created these zig zag page borders.  I like using colored borders around my pages in my products- even though many don’t because of color printing issues.  Most of the time, I don’t print them in color either.  It just makes me happy 🙂  The pictures turned out funky- and I mean funky- on TpT but I promise they’re cute.  Here’s a few you can steal here but click on them to head over and download the whole set of 34!  Oh yeah- they’re FREE!!!

I hope you enjoy a few of these resources (even if it’s just the free ones).  I will share some more of my creations soon!
I’m also linking up for Something New Sunday over at The Hands-On Teacher in First!  Go check out some other new items!