I had the best weekend evah!  Like, seriously.  But first….

I spent some time this weekend updating some of my journal products, found one I did and just never posted{what!?!?}, and then made a couple more.

I posted these a while back
And then I posted these today

And bundled them all together at a discount
I also uploaded this freebie(the one I forgot about!)

I needed some relaxing on the couch after the long, busy, and exciting weekend I had visiting some of my favorite people!

From the top down Megan from Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade, Monica from Treasures For Teaching, Jessica from Mrs. Stanford’s Class, Hadar from Miss Kindergarten, Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle, Squirrels from Going Nutty in Miss Squirrels First Grade, Susan Moran from Thank God It’s First, Stephanie from Falling into First, Michelle from Apples & ABC’s, me, Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory, and Nicole from Teaching with Style

Nicole flew into Chicago and we traveled together to meet with everyone else.

Nicole and I

We ate lunch and then did some shopping at Target
Michelle, Squirrels, Nicole, and I
Monica, Hadar, Jessica, and Megan

Squirrels, Megan, Monica, Nicole, and I

 We acted silly…

And met up with some more of our friends

Stephanie, Kelley, Monica, Squirrels, me, Nicole, Susan, Megan, Jessica, Katie, Michelle, and Hadar

And the friendship we’ve created online was even more solidified in person.  I love these ladies!