I recently took the trek {about an hour or so in easy Sunday morning highway traffic} to IKEA this morning.  I know I can check out a lot on their website but for storage needs I need to see them in person.  So, my plan was to window shop {and pick up a few things for my house like their kitchen storage containers} and to gather ideas and prices so I can compare to other places.  So many of you gave me great ideas of items to look for and find more information about.  But, sticking to window shopping didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  So here are all the goodies that I grabbed!

 My favorite find was this black and white polka dot rug!  I looked at their rugs online before we left and never saw this one.  When I was looking for it specifically, I found it when I searched by price.  The price is the best part!  It’s only $20 and it’s big!  It’s going to be perfect in my reading area!  I bought two: one for covering our reading area, and one for our meeting spot.  It’s a great price on classroom rugs!  Click the picture to head to their website and find more about it.
 I grabbed a couple of these kitchen timers just to have.  They’re super cheap and there are so many different ways they can be used!
 These lamps were supposed to be $1 off for a discontinued price but they rang up full price for me! Oh well.  Anyway, I picked up 4 of them.  I thought they’d be great in different areas of the room.  I still am looking into a couple other lamp options- including something bigger.  I found a couple ideas but I wanted something more durable than the linen paper cover I was finding.  Of course, there were other options, but they were more money.  I’m going to keep looking.
I think most people know about these.  They’re magazine files that come 5 for $2!  It’s the cheapest you’ll find like anywhere!  They’re a very affordable option for book bins.  I’ve used them with my students in the past, and for most of the students, they last the entire year.  The secret is not let students keep them with them, but rather on a shelf where they just pick it up from time to time.


This was an unexpected purchase.  This is a laptop support/lapdesk {thing}.  Click the picture to head to their site for better pictures.  I was checking out a couple others that I saw as we were walking through then I saw these and knew I needed them! I grabbed 6 of them.  I figure they’d be great for students working on the floor or possibly on stools.  They also stack neat enough that they could go in a corner of the room or maybe stacked under a Lack table {more to come with that below}.  What I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to show you in the picture is that the bottom pillow part separates with velcro from the top.  It comes with the velcro not secured yet which is why it’s white in the picture.  It also unzips and is machine washable!  The other one I loved was a bit more money and had so much white I was really worried about how dirty it’d get.


I saw this picture and KNEW I needed it for my room!  {Please pardon my exceptionally awful photography skills!}  I’m planning to make some other poster prints and post them here as I decide which ones that I want. I also bought the cheap poster print frame.  You can see that by clicking here.  The frame is light so it’ll be easily mounted with 3M hooks once the time comes.


I also loved how easy it was to replace the picture in the frame.  All I had to do was remove 12 or so of these doohickeys.  You just push that back part under and they slid right out!  I thought it was neat so I thought I’d snag a pic and show you.
I also grabbed a couple more sets of frames in other sizes for yet to be determined purposes.  I probably could have waited to buy that.  Then again, I probably could have waited to buy like all of this.  But what fun is that?!?
I’m looking to buy some bigger furniture pieces and so I was pricing those.  I especially need something for my classroom library.  I’ve used provided bookshelves in the past, but I won’t have enough storage, especially with large bins.  I have dedicated a lot to building my classroom library in recent years so I need quite a few places to store them.  My top choice (but it’s fairly pricey) are these:

These Expedit shelves come in different size and color combos.  This is the one I’m leaning towards but then I was also thinking about getting two that’s just two rows.  I’ll probably decide once I decide on a layout.  This one also comes in a lacquered texture which I think will clean really easily- though the finish costs a bit more. *Edit- After two years, they’ve held up nicely and don’t have the chips in them that some of the finishes on my Lack tables have.

I was also thinking that these Trofast systems may work.  It’s more affordable and this one piece could hold 9 of the skinnier drawers.  The downside is that all of the books would have to lay flat and then they’d be harder to find.  Another downside is that it comes in white or birch and so I’d go with white.  But then the bins are bright colors or white and so I’d have to go with white to stay with my black and white theme.  That’s a lot of white.I’m also on the lookout for some additional seating for the kiddos.  I was disappointed in the ottoman options but many people directed me to check out these stools.  They were definitely more sturdy than I would have imagined and are very affordable.  But, again, the downside is that with my black and white habit, I’d have to go with white.  But maybe I’d go with green and spice things up a bit?  I’m not sure yet.

I’m also thinking they’d be super cute around a couple of these Lack tables as some other student seating.  Have I mentioned that my room isn’t all that large and I have no idea how I’m going to do everything I’m thinking up in my head? 🙂  Those lapdesks would hopefully also fit underneath here as well.

Last, one thing I DO know I’m going to be putting in my room is my new Black & White Chevron decor set.  A few weeks back I made this in a “If I make it, I will get one” mentality.  Clearly, it paid off!  And I think the chevron will go with the polka dots beautifully.  That also means that I won’t be buying that zebra chair from Big Lots that I was eyeing the other day!


It has full size alphabet chart cards, numbers to 20 cards, 6 table signs, calendar pieces, desk nametags, signs for the word wall or book bins if you level your library, and classroom job cards.  It also has two editable components: labels and binder covers.  That way, if you need to make different jobs or something else to match, you can.  You just open the file in Powerpoint, insert a text box, and write what you need.

I bought a 6 pack of binders from Costco a while back so I see myself using this cover on just about everything!
I also made the same set in a couple different color combos- with more options to come later!

There’s a set in yellow and white chevron.

And a set in hot pink and lime green polka dots.
If you like these decor packs you can see them more closely by clicking on the pictures.