July 2013 - Tales from Outside the Classroom

School Supply Deals Week of 7/28

Hi there!  I’m finally starting to wind down on my list!  I still need to get some more dividers, binders, and folders, and then I think it’ll just be little bits and pieces from here on out.  But, I can’t pass up a good deal so I’ll probably still be heading out a lot this week to get these great deals.  We’re hitting the height of the season and so I’m sure the deals are

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Getting Crafty with It and a Spiced Up Design

Hi there!  Are you on my real blog?  If not, click and come on over.  I spiced things up a bit with my design and I love it even more than before!  My social media icons are easy at the top and everything flows a bit better.  I also have a new closing to my posts too!  Some friends were talking about designs, and ideas for there’s, and it sparked my creativity!  I hope you

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School Supply Deals for July 21

Ready for another week of Back to School shopping? I’m trying to mentally prepare.  As much as I never ever thought I’d say it, I’m tired of shopping.  I’m tired of going to 7 places each week, and going to places multiple times a week, and I haven’t even really bought school supplies.  I’ve just bought stuff.  I’m tired.  Alas, there’s more to do so I’m getting my list ready. I do want to add

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Classroom Finds from Dollar Tree

Classroom Finds at Dollar Tree

Hey everyone!  I continued my incessant shopping spree for my classroom today at Dollar Tree.  A meeting I had was delayed an hour and I was just across the street.  What’s a girl to do with an hour to kill except spend it shopping?!? Every time I’ve gone in before over the last few weeks I’ve been looking for something specific.  Today, I was just browsing and I had some great finds and ideas that

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Whisper Phones and an Update

Whew!  Your comments on yesterday’s post are amazing!  There’s no way I have time to comment on each and every single one of your comments, but I promise I’ve read each and every single one.  We spend so much on our classrooms, don’t we?  I know that $200 will go far in helping one of you lucky readers. Yesterday, after spending a few hours in my room cleaning it before they officially clean it, I

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Hi! I'm Tessa!

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I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, and working beside elementary classrooms as an instructional coach and resource support. I’m passionate about math, literacy, and finding ways to make teachers’ days easier. I share from my experiences both in and out of the elementary classroom.




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