I’ve never participated in Five for Friday before but there’s a few things I want to share, they’re random, and I’m feeling like we haven’t been doing much fun or exciting yet so I don’t have anything to share with you.  I hope to be back soon with something meaningful that I can share!  Until then, here’s some randomness!


Yesterday, when I had a brief moment to breathe to compose myself I walked by my desk and noticed a very large wood chip and leaves on my desk.  By the time I noticed it was a bajillion hours after recess and I just threw them away.  Today, two seconds after recess {today was the best day we’ve had so far!} I turned and saw these goodies.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve gotten weeds before- maybe even leaves too.  But, seriously, a rock?  A real, not live rock.  I determined who it came from, though no one owned up to it, but it’s pretty stinking easy to determine who gives you a rock as a present.  His response?  *shrug*  Um….thanks?


 Here’s my class reading to our kindergarten buddies.  I’m stressing to them about being great role models and we still have a ways to go.  But I love seeing them interacting with their buddies and reading {with expression and adoration}

These two guys have been practicing some of our procedures in each of our classrooms.  This moment that I captured {quite blurrily of course!} was EPIC.  They both were glued to the book.  I want to cry!


If you follow me on Facebook you’ve seen that I’ve become obsessed with Zulily.  I thought they were basically kid focused.  While they have a ton of items for kids and families, they also have a ton of items for women.  I’ve gotten the most adorable clothing lately!  One thing I am a little sad about, there are no returns.  It clearly hasn’t stopped me for ordering though!


This might be a bit of a shameless plug, but I’m so excited for my Donors Choose project that was just posted!  I posted one last year and it wasn’t funded {wah!} and I knew I wanted to try again this year at my new school and in my new position!  We’re grossly lacking in the technology department and so I need some things to keep me and the kids sane!  I have tried using our old school projector a few times, but I am desperate for an upgrade!  Right now, for the next 5 days, if you donate and use the code INSPIRE, your donation will be matched.  Plus, Kia is doing a fantastic program right now where they’ll pay for half of the cost of the project if it gets fully funded.  So, what that means, is that every $10 donation that happens in the next 5 days, actually balances out to $40.  It’s absolutely amazing.  If you haven’t ever done a project and have been thinking about it, do it now!  Especially if you work in a low income area that has a Kia dealership!  And, if you felt compelled to donate to mine, of course I would be ever so appreciative 🙂


I recently chimed in with my opinion on cursive writing {it’s a hot topic apparently} when I was contacted by someone from the Today show {Thanks Mel D!}.  My opinion doesn’t matter much but if you want to chime in or check it out, there’s quite the conversation going on over on their Facebook page!   

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