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Spider rings as multiplication manipulatives

Spider Math

A while back, I was walking through Wal-Mart and saw 50 packs of those Halloween spider rings for $1!  $1!  And I was struck with an idea, for this price, they’d be a great manipulative when we introduce arrays and multiplication!  Our kiddos were introduced to arrays last year in second grade and they aren’t brand new to them, but I knew they’d help solidify things as we’re expecting students to master many areas of

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Fluency Bin

If there was one skill in reading that I’d say that every one of my students is weak in it’s fluency.  Even my strong readers and strong comprehenders (is that a word?) aren’t where they should be.  They either lack expression, or they read in such short phrasing groups that their reading is choppy.  We do some work on this together.  As a whole class, we have poems in their daily binder and when we

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