I’m linking up again with Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade to share with you my decision on becoming a teacher.

I’m one of those people who knew she wanted to be a teacher for a very long time.  I remember being at babysitter’s houses, and I can’t remember their names, but I remember being in rooms with dolls and toys and teaching them.  I remember wanting extra worksheets to do at home so I could use them with my friends when they played school.  I was always the teacher and I remember that distinctive fight where my friends were angry because it wasn’t fair that I was always the teacher.  I’ve always been a bit bossy I guess 🙂

In high school, I started reconsidering.  I loved having intellectual arguments with people and law school started to pique my interest.  It was also about this time that I started becoming a fan of police/law shows on TV (Law & Order, what! what!).  I seriously contemplated going to school to become a lawyer and make a better income for myself and my family.  It was also about this time that I decided to start tutoring a friend who needed help in math.  She told others how much I helped her, and it solidified in my mind that I wanted to work with kids because I always had a natural knack with them.  Plus, being a teacher meant I had the summers off and I’d have days off with my kids, and I had a much shorter day.  I could handle the pay, I said.  I want to be home with my kids, I said.  Lawyers work long hours and have high demands, I said.

Clearly, I didn’t know much about teaching, or at least what teaching would be down the road.  Sometimes I wonder about how things would be if I had done law school instead.  Don’t get me wrong, that passion is still there.  I still want to teach.  I wouldn’t be a blogger if I wasn’t wanting to share my thoughts and ideas with the world.  But, it makes ya think, ya know.