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Wednesday Website: FreeRice.com

Over the summer I did a weekly Wednesday Website linky. Quite a few people said they were disappointed I was cancelling it, so I’ve decided to start it back up again.  I doubt I’ll get one posted each week, but I like sharing websites that I find because there’s so many out there.  You can click the label Wednesday Website on the sidebar to see all of the posts.

This week I’m sharing with you one of my longtime favorite websites with you: FreeRice.com. FreeRice allows users to practice through many different skills, and for each correct answer, a grain of rice is provided to people who need it.  I love this website and how they’re using their platform to give back.

I recently introduced it to my kids so they could see how to use it.  It’s also great as a few minute time filler.  They loved it, which sort of surprised me because it’s not too flashy and isn’t really gamey.  But, they loved that they were earning rice for people who need it.  “Look how much rice I’m earning!” is what I heard over and over that first day.

The site is also super simple to use.

It defaults to practicing English Vocabulary.  This is how I used it with my students.  We’ve begun talking about prefixes, suffixes, and roots, so this is a nice way to practice that.  A while back, they expanded to include many other areas as well.  You just click on Subjects on the top to be taken to the other areas.

Not a lot is applicable to younger students, but I’m planning on using the multiplication table as an option for students in the upcoming weeks.

The grammar also seems to be relevant for 2+.  I’ve done just a couple questions but it seemed to practice capitalization, homophones, and punctuation.

They also have ways where you can create groups to allow your students to be a part of it, and maybe have some accountability.  I haven’t registered for the site and so I haven’t explored those options, but they’re there if anyone wants to try it out and let us know in the comments.

Have you used FreeRice before?  I’d love to hear your experiences with it in the comments.


  • My college professors would would this website for us during my time in the School of Education. I completely forgot about it! It is a wonderful way to work on the kids vocabulary skills. Thanks for posting it! I can't wait to introduce it to my kids TOMORROW!!!


    Halfway There

    • I had forgotten about it for a while too. They've certainly changed it up and brought more areas to it, which is great!

  • What a great website! I have never heard of it before, but will definitely be checking it out 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. I think my students will think grammar practice is more exciting than a plain ole worksheet!

    Joy in the Journey

  • We use this for Math. The students LOVE collecting rice. It does take some getting used to, but its a great quick practice for my low students.

    Hodges Herald

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