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Wednesday Website: GoNoodle

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It’s been a few weeks since my last WW post, but I’m back with a great one.  Have you heard of GoNoodle?
It’s a free site that lets you build Brain Breaks into your day.  I’ve been using it the last couple weeks to make sure I’m actually doing breaks in the day, and I’ve loved it so far!
They have a few different kids of videos.  We’re huge fans of doing the kids Zumba videos because it shows the kids movements to do.
Basically, you log into your class, click play, and then choose a video to do.  You earn those minutes to increase your champ level (the bubbly purple graph on the side).  When it’s full, your “guy” gets an upgrade.  My kids go absolutely NUTS when the character gets bigger and more muscular.  These are third graders who often think they’re too cool for most things school, but they love this.
2 days a week we have no specials.  Thanks to the winter from my nightmares (3rd snowiest in the recorded history of Chicago), we’ve had a ridiculous amount of indoor recess days this year.  This has helped my sanity the last couple weeks, and I wish we had started using it earlier.
This week, with state testing, we’ve taken 10 minute brain breaks before we move on to reviewing and I think it’s helped the kids get a bit of a release.  55 minute testing sessions are a bit stressful for 8 year olds.
GoNoodle has done a great job expanding their website over the last couple of years.  They offer calming, stretching activities.  They offer energizing videos for current popular hits.  However you need your kids bodies to move, they have it.  I continue to use it regularly.
Do you use GoNoodle?  How have you implemented it in your room?


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