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Wednesday Website: WatchKnowLearn.org

Click the image above to go to all of my other Wednesday Website posts. My newest website to share with you is one I’ve known about for a couple of years now.  WatchKnowLearn.org is designed to bring high quality educational videos to your classroom to keep your lessons engaging for students, as well as build their content knowledge.   WatchKnowLearn.org has partnered with a variety of video programs, especially YouTube and TeacherTube.  Instead of Googling

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Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Hi everyone!  I’m excited to be participating in Bright Ideas again today!  This time, I’m starting a new video series on using Google Docs in the classroom.  I’ve used it in a few different ways, and I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I also thought it’d be a good way for me to learn some new things as well. Today’s video shares some basics on Google Docs.  I

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Wednesday Website: Front Row

Click the image above to go to all of my other Wednesday Website posts. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a new site with you on Wednesday Website, but this week I’m back with my new FAVORITE website! Let me start by explaining the technology that we have available to us.  In our class we have 6 ancient computers that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t.  The computers are at least 10 years old,

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Tessa’s Designs and Some Updates

I have been away from blogging the last month or so.  It was the end of the quarter and we had report cards and conferences.  I’ve had a cold that won’t go away.  And spring just has seemed to be refusing to arrive, thus putting a damper on my spirits.  I have been busy in other ways though. I don’t think I’ve shared here before, but a while back in December, I decided to open

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