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Favorite Fun & Funky Fonts

A few years ago when I started this journey posting my creations and blogging, I slowly started incorporating new fonts that I’d find.  I literally have spent HOURS scouring the internet looking for new ones that I wanted.  I will completely admit that I downloaded any font that I saw that I liked from regardless of whether or not it was free for commercial use or not.  I now have hundreds of fonts on my

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Using Traditional Games in Untraditional Ways

I am a big fan of repurposing things for the classroom, especially things I can find for free or very cheaply.  I keep an eye out for games at places like Salvation Army, rummage sales, and Dollar Tree and bring them into the classroom.  Of course there are many games that already pretty simple at tying into education (Battleship works on the coordinate grid, Chutes and Ladders can also easily be used to work on

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C. Jayne Teach

Have you heard of C. Jayne Teach and her fantastic Teacher Anchor?  Last year, I saw it floating around blog land.  I love all things organization, especially planners.  I ordered a personalized planner this year (non-teaching), and then ended up buying another one because it wasn’t juuuuust right.  I am so excited to see the new Teacher Anchor and how it’s been cleaned up and simplified for teachers.  Plus it’s FREE shipping and you can’t

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Problem Solving Practice

This is the time of year when it all comes together.  The hours and hours of hard work are on the line for the big, important state test.  Kids are not only practicing the skills they’ve learned this year, but also applying them with increasing difficulty. Early in the year, I shared this image of our problem solving wall. We start practicing problem solving very early on in the year.  No matter how much we

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Classroom Anchor Charts

As the end of the year is drawing near, I thought I’d do a post sharing some of the anchor charts we’ve created throughout the year.  Now, I’ll be perfectly honest and say my creative skills are lacking.  I make these with my students, and so my handwriting is often sloppy as I’m quickly writing, and there are a few authentic mistakes.  But that’s what makes them real and useful in our rooms. I also

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