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Have you heard of C. Jayne Teach and her fantastic Teacher Anchor?  Last year, I saw it floating around blog land.  I love all things organization, especially planners.  I ordered a personalized planner this year (non-teaching), and then ended up buying another one because it wasn’t juuuuust right.  I am so excited to see the new Teacher Anchor and how it’s been cleaned up and simplified for teachers.  Plus it’s FREE shipping and you can’t beat that!

I was so excited when Chandra said she’d send me some items from the new line to check out.  Cute organizational tools.  Yes, please!

 I LOVE this desk pad.  I got in a rut this year.  I was crazy busy and couldn’t keep up.  I had to do lists and post it notes ev. ery. WHERE!  I’m so excited to use this next year and keep myself on track for the whole year!  I can’t be the only one that starts off strong and loses steam in February.  This particular color/style is no longer available, but click the image to head to the C. Jayne Teach shop to check it out in an awesome chevron pattern!

 I love this gold star note set!  It goes along with my black and white style, and I know my kids would love to get “adult” cards at the end of the year from me.  Plus, it gives me a chance to use my metallic Sharpies! 🙂

 I love all of the rainbow items as well!  These beautiful folders and labels made me so happy to see!

I’m so excited to have a giveaway for any one personalized item of your choice from the C. Jayne Teach store!  Just enter using Rafflecopter below!

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