It’s here.  This is the week things start getting real.  The week where you start going to four stores each week so you can get the best deals.  The week when you realize your summer is now dedicated to Back to School.  Here are the great deals this week.

And just a reminder- I don’t post every school supply sale.  I post the ones that I think are the best “deals”.  The ones you want to buy because it’s the best price.  You might not agree and find think there’s a deal I’ve missed.  Feel free to leave it in the comments. 🙂

Menards- The Home Improvement Store

I know you think it’s odd to buy school supplies from a Hardware store.  I do too.  But each year they offer a KILLER sale.  So if you have one, it’s definitely worth it.  A variety of the deals are also rebate deals so you’ll have an upfront cost.  Get your rebates delivered elsewhere, and do separate transactions, to score more than the 10 limit.

  • 1 Subject spiral notebooks- FREE after rebate- Limit of 10 per mailing address.
  • 10 pack pens- FREE after rebate- Limit of 10 per mailing address.
  • 5″ scissors- $0.39
  • Glue bottle or 3 pack Glue Sticks- $0.39
  • Pink erasers 4ct- $0.39
  • Cap erasers 40 pack- $0.39
  • Correction tape- $0.59
  • 7″ scissors- $0.59
  • Highlighters 4ct- $0.59 (thin)
  • Dry erase markers 3ct- $0.59 (appears to be red, blue and black mixed)
  • Plastic storage box $0.59
  • Pencil pouch $0.59
  • Post-it Notes $0.59
  • Paper Clips $0.59
  • 5-Tab Dividers $0.59
  • 1″ Binders $0.79
  • Dry erase markers 2ct black- $0.79
  • 3 hole punch $1.97 after rebate- Limit of 2 per mailing address.
  • 6 quart tote $0.88 (for book storage in libraries?)

They also have travel cups (ceramic hot cups and plastic double walled with straws) for 99 cents after rebate.  I’ll be buying quite a few of those too.


Also remember that Staples prices matches + 10% so you can bring in ads and get things cheaper.

  • Crayola 10 ct markers & 12 ct colored pencils- $0.97
  • Post-it Notes 18 pack- $10
  • 2 pocket folders- $0.15 (I may start to buy some but generally wait for 10 cent deals)
  • Composition books- $0.50

Office Depot/Office Max

  • Poly snap envelopes $0.25 (look great for task card storage- haven’t seen them in person)
  • Pink erasers 5pk $0.25- Limit 3
  • Glue bottles $0.25- Limit 3


  • Elmer’s Glue Sticks 6 pack- $0.99


  • Wexford 1″ Binder- $0.69
  • Wexford Index Cards- $0.29 with in-ad coupon

Let me know if you find any other good deals.  Happy shopping!