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Do you Audible?

Have you heard of Audible?  It’s Amazon’s marketplace for Audiobooks.

Audible has over 150,000 titles in audio format.  That’s the biggest inventory I’ve been able to find.  As a teacher with a long commute, and I know many other people have them too, I like using Audible to continue reading the books I’m currently sucked into.  I just turn it on through the app on my phone, connect my phone to my car speakers using Bluetooth, and listen in.

In the classroom, Audible is fantastic for using with your iPads, tablets, or iPod as a listening center.  Just purchase the audio text, put the book in place, and it’s an easy and stress free center.  So often with technology we currently have, we don’t have CD’s or books on tape, or we do but don’t have the rest of the technology to make it a center, so Audible is an easy substitution.

You can also find Audible promo codes through  Here are a couple that are available today.

The site is set up as a membership system.  You pay a monthly fee and get a free audiobook each month.  You then also get a discount on any additional books you may purchase.  Finding Audible promo codes makes things even cheaper!  Audible has quite a few popular children’s books in audio format for less than $1!  Here are a few favorites that I found.

Are there other ways you could see yourself using Audible in the classroom?

I was paid to write this post, however, all ideas and suggestions are my own.

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  • I love Audible! Do you use OverDrive? It's an app that allows you to "check out" audio and e-books from your public library. I love that even more than Audible right now because it's free! But if there's a book I'm dying to read, I sometimes go back to Audible because I'm impatient!


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