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9 Activities for Building Place Value and Number sense in the middle grades with base ten blocks

Building Place Value and Number Sense Skills

When I was an interventionist looking at our schoolwide data, I noticed something in our students’ math data.  The students in third grade that scored lowest in math overall on our benchmark testing (NWEA’s MAP test), were the lowest scoring in the place value and number sense sub-domain. As time has gone on, I’ve continued to see that trend- that the lowest achieving students in math, tend to have poor number sense. Here are some

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5 Ways Success Criteria can Transform your Classroom

I’m delighted to have Mercedes from Surfing to Success here today sharing a FANTASTIC post on Success Criteria.  You want to read this one through! We all set clear objectives but do students know what it means to successfully meet those objectives?  That is where success criteria come in.   Traditionally, teachers are the keepers of success.  We issue a grade that lets students know they were successful. How many times have you turned in

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