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Back to School Sale

A ton of bloggers and I are participating in a Back to School Product Premiere!  We want to feature some of our best products before the back to school sale.  More information on that below!

I want to feature my Rocking Out with the Hundreds Chart unit.  I’m so excited about it- but me being excited doesn’t really do a whole lot! 🙂
It has small, missing number grids in a range of numbers.  I created them with varying difficulty to allow you to easily differentiate using them in your classroom.  The one pictured has only a few numbers missing.  I also have some that only have a few numbers available, and some pages go up to 120.
It also has number grids in the t format.  This requires more complex thinking that the traditional 9 grid puzzles.

There are number lines ranging from 0-20, to 0-50, and 0-120.  Again, I provided multiple levels to allow for easy differentiation in your classroom.
Finally, there are cards that students draw, and use the hundreds chart to find the unknown number.  Again, it’s differentiated.  One set of cards uses smaller numbers, one is addition to 120 only, and the last set also combines subtraction.
My bestsellers, my Common Core Daily Math Warm Ups, will also be on sale, of course!

You can click on any of the pictures to head to the item and check it out.  There are freebies available for each one, so you can get to try them out before you buy it.
And, about the sale!
TeachersPayTeachers is offering a sitewide sale this upcoming Sunday & Monday.  Many stores are putting their stores at 20% off- I certainly am!  If you use promo code BTS12, you’ll get an additional 10% off.  Click on the image above to go check out my store and get your wishlist ready!
Click the links below to check out some other bestselling products in the premiere!



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