A Close Look at Reading Fluency through Supported Reading- girl with magnifying glass and books

A Close Look at Fluency: Supported Reading

I’m continuing to look at ways to improve my students’ reading fluency using The Fluent Reader by Tim Rasinski.  As with nearly everything in teaching students, fluency should be taught and practiced following a gradual release model.  When we read aloud we are modeling fluent reading for our students- read more about using read alouds to improve students’ reading fluency.  The scaffolding stage, or oral supported reading, gives developing or struggling readers supports from a

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A Look at our ELA Test Prep

I wish I could say we don’t spend any of our instructional time on ELA test prep.  I wish I could say that the tests were straightforward and gave me quality data to help make instructional decisions about my kids’ learning track.  I wish I could say that the tests were painless and worthwhile.  I wish I could say that they were fair, developmentally appropriate, and measured my kids’ knowledge fairly.  I wish I could

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Build students' reading fluency by reading aloud to them.

A Close Look at Fluency: Read Alouds

The first way Dr. Rasinski suggests to increase reading fluency is by modeling fluent reading to students by reading aloud to them.  Read alouds help build interest in reading.  They increase students’ vocabulary by exposing them to words they likely wouldn’t hear in everyday speech.  Read alouds help build students’ syntactical understanding of language.  By reading aloud, students hear a model for intonation, expression, and phrasing.  They learn that reading isn’t only about reading the

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Reading Fluency- what it is and how to improve it.

A Close Look at Fluency

My students this year are making tremendous growth in reading.  We’ve practiced reading comprehension strategies whole group, small group, and during silent independent reading.  We’ve been talking about finding textual evidence to support our answers.  I’ve been pleased with their overall progress.  However, many of them are still struggling immensely with their reading fluency.  I’m also certain that their fluency is a big part of their reading comprehension struggles.  I’ve read quite a bit about

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Word Work Ideas for grades 2-4

Word Work in the Middle Grades

As a third grade teacher, I find that my word work center activities cover a variety of skills.  I want my students to review and refine their sight word knowledge specifically focused on the correct spelling of many high frequency words.  I want them to apply the phonics skills from the previous years and our current year’s instruction.  I want them to begin to recognize and apply affixes and have a base level understanding of

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