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A Collection of Bright Ideas

Early on this year, a group of bloggers that I admire tossed around the idea of doing a monthly link up of “bright ideas” with no strings attached.  No freebies.  No products.  Just great, often simple, ideas that make a difference in our classrooms.  I’ve been so excited to participate in it often throughout this year, sharing ideas that work for me and my students. This year, I showcased a variety of posts from management

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Small Group Powerpoint tutorial

Using Powerpoint to Manage Centers Rotations

Last week I shared how I use Powerpoint for my centers management for reading centers.  Students have a new rotation each day so that they work through a variety of centers throughout the week and it was taking me too much time to switch out cards every morning.  Once the work is done, it’s done.  I just open the slideshow, turn to the correct day, and project it for our entire rotation.  You can read

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Display and manage your reading and math centers with this easy digital display.

Small Group Instruction Management

I used to create cards for my small group display and I initially loved it.  My partner teacher and I combined groups so that our levels worked a bit better and then we split those groups up for centers.  Our set up looked something like this (but with quite a few more places the students actually went to) and with three rotations each day. This year I have 4 centers rotations most days and I have

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Using Google Docs to Create Interactive Mind Maps

Today, I’m going to share the second video in the series.  It’s how you can use Google Docs to create Mind Maps with your students.  Check out the video below in the post for a step by step tutorial. In April, I shared how I use Google Docs in my classroom to give students a quiz or instead of a worksheet.  I also shared how I use the spreadsheet for data tracking.  If you missed

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Wednesday Website: PixiClip

I have an exciting new website to share with you today for Wednesday Website!  PixiClip provides the tools to give you an interactive whiteboard, and even allows you to connect your mic and webcam to add in recordings of your voice and yourself!  If you are doing a flipped classroom, this would be an amazing tool!  I’m not lucky enough to have an interactive white board in my room, but received a projector and document

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