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School Supply Deals for July 21

Ready for another week of Back to School shopping? I’m trying to mentally prepare.  As much as I never ever thought I’d say it, I’m tired of shopping.  I’m tired of going to 7 places each week, and going to places multiple times a week, and I haven’t even really bought school supplies.  I’ve just bought stuff.  I’m tired.  Alas, there’s more to do so I’m getting my list ready.

I do want to add a disclaimer that I don’t think I included last week.  There are many, many, many school supplies on sale each week.  I include those that I think are decent deals.  I could not possibly list everything that’s on sale, nor do I particularly pay attention to something if it isn’t a good deal.  Also, thank you to all of you who let me know about deals that I was missing.  I’ll try to amend posts to include the information from readers.  However, the comment response has been AH Mazing and I was not able to keep up.  But, honest, I thank each and every one of you for reading and commenting.

Menards is a regional home improvement store.  They also carry the most random items at times.  They just sent out a Back to School Sale ad with some fantastic deals.  There are no limits listed other than the free items.
-Pens 10pk FREE after mail in rebate.  Rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit.  Limit 10 per household. *It appears you can get either the pens or the notebook deal and not both.*
-1 Subject notebooks FREE after mail in rebate.  Rebate is in the form of a merchandize credit.  Limit 10 per household.  *It appears you can get either the pens or the notebook deal and not both.*
-5″ Scissors $.39- Westcott is the brand pictured which makes these an even better deal
-24 pack crayons $.39
-Wedge Erasers 4ct $.39
-Glue sticks 3pk $.39
-Cap Erasers 40ct $.39
-Individual Pencil Sharpener $.39
-Dry Erase Markers 3ct $.59
-Highlighters 4ct $.59
-7″ scissors $.59- Westcott is again the brand pictured.
-Sticky Notes $.59- Post It’s are pictured.
-Plastic Pencil Box $.59
-Paper Clips 100ct $.59
-Book Covers $.59- They appear to be the stretchable type.
-Colored Pencils 12ct. 4.79
-1″ Binder $.79
-Calculator $.79
-Sterlite Storage Crates 2/$5
-4 Tier Resin Shelf $9.99

Office Depot
-Office Depot Eraser Caps 12ct. $.10- Limit 3
-Office Depot 2 pocket folders $.10- Limit 10
-Office Depot Permanent Markers 5 ct. $1- Limit 5
Teachers save an additional 25% through Monday with their Teacher card
-Schoolio Index Cards 100ct. $.01- Limit 5- After $5 minimum purchase excluding Max Value items
-OfficeMax Glue Sticks 2ct $.01- Limit 2- After $5 minimum purchase excluding Max Value items
-OfficeMax Composition books $.50- Max Value Item- Limit 5
-OffixeMax Glue(4oz) and glue stick(2ct) combo- $.50- Max Value Item-Limit 3
-OfficeMax Copy Paper 10-Ream Case $46.99- Limit 2- Buy 1 and receive $42.00 in Max Perks Rewards which balances out to $.50 per ream of paper.  If you have a set paper supply, this isn’t a bad way to help build your own stock.
-OfficeMax Copy Paper Ream $6.99- Limit 2- Buy 1 and receive $5.99 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards to make it $1 per ream.
-Sharpie Permanent Fine Tip Black Markers, 2ct $.25
-Staples Filler Paper, 120 sheets $0.50- Limit 5
-Staples Poly Cover composition book- $.50
-Staples Multipurpose Paper REam $6.99- Limit 2-Buy 1 and receive $5.99 easy rebate to make it $1 per ream.
-Bic Great Erase Dry-Erase Fine Tip Markers, 4ct $1- Limit 2
-Up&Up Glue 4oz $.25
-Up&Up Glue Sticks 2ct $.25
-School Supplies Box $.69
-Wexford Pencils 20ct $.69
-Wexford Pink Erasers 2ct $.25- Limit 8- with in-ad coupon
-Crayola Markers 10ct $.99
-Crayola Colored Pencils 10ct $.99
-Wexford Highlighter $0.25- Limit 8- with in-ad coupon

*On another, but related note, Jo-Ann Fabrics has great deals for your school craft projects as well.    Teachers can sign up for a 15% off card that can be used on nearly ever purchase- plus there are always special coupons and events.  This year’s Teacher Appreciation event is August 10th & 11th.  I post more information on that closer.  You can find out more information on it by heading here.

I’m going to be hitting up Menards on my way out to dinner and I hope there’s some stuff left!  Happy shopping!



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