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School Supply Deals for the Week of August 11

My meltdowns for this week…..walking into my classroom today to find that they tore down my bulletin boards while changing an outlet below it.  Makes no sense to me.  I may or may not have shed a few tears and I most certainly did some whining.  It was the only thing that I had actually gotten completed.  And it’s gone.  Meltdown #2 was realizing that I’ve misplaced a bunch of stuff.  So far I can’t find my chalkboard paint, my fishing line, and my new hot glue gun that I bought.  Seriously, I bought them at different times and different stores.  And, unless I was having some crazy dreams, I know I bought them.  So, even though I declared my shopping done for now, I’m heading back to the store.  Blah!

Here’s this week’s deals.  I hope you have some better luck than I have had.

-Westcott Rulers $.10- Limit 3 after $5 purchase.  Member price.
-Bic Pens 10ct $.75- Use $1/1 coupon from Smart Source on 8/4 and it’s better than free!
-Uo & Up 1inch binder $1- Use 15% off Cartwheel offer to make them $.85
-Mead 5 Star Folders 4pl $.50- use coupons for $1/2 from, Smart Source 8/4, or
-Swingline Stapler- $4
-Target also has a coupon on their website for $1.50/1 Up&Up School Supplies item.  They have tons so choose wisely!
-Bic Wite-Out $.97- Use $1/1 coupon from Smart Source 8/4 or the Bic Facebook page to get these with a $.03 moneymaker!
-Bic Cristal Pens 10 ct $.97- Use $1/1 coupon from Smart Source 8/4 or the Bic Facebook page to get these with a $.03 moneymaker!
-Walmart self-stick notes, 4 pads $1.94
-Composition books $.50
Office Depot
-Office Depot 2-Pocket Folders $.01- Limit 10
-Office Depot Dry Erase Markers 2 ct $.50- Limit 3
-Office Depot Highlighters 3ct $.50- Limit 3
-Scholastic Glue Sticks 4ct $.50
-Scotch Mounting Putty $1
Office Max
I learned that Office Max isn’t consistent per store.  My store’s weekly ad shows no school supplies on sale.  These are what I found online elsewhere.
-Protractor $.05- Limit 3
-Compass $.05- Limit 3
-Schoolio Composition Book $.50- Limit 5
-Schoolio Markers $.50
-Bic Pens 10 ct $.50-Use $1/1 coupon from Smart Source 8/4 or the Bic Facebook page to get these with a $.50 moneymaker!  Save your coupons for another store, or have Walmart price match to get a great deal!
-Office Max Glue bottle and 2ct glue sticks $.50- Limit 3
-Paper Mate mechanical pencisl 10ct $.50- Limit 5
-Schoolio Index Cards 100ct $.01 after $5 minimum purchase excluding Max Value Items.  Limit 5.
-Office Max Filler Paper 100 sheets $.01 after $5 minimum purchase excluding Max Value Items.  Limit 5.
-{In}Place EverBind Binder 1.5 inch $9.99- $.01 after MaxPerks Bonus Rewards, Limit 2
-Post-It Canary Pop Up Sticky Notes 10 pads $16.79, get $16.78 MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
-Avery 5160 White Laser Mailing Labels 3,000ct $26.99, receive $26.98 MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
-Office Max Poly Notebook $3.50, receive $3.49 MaxPerks Bonus Rewards Limit 2
-Avery 5-Tab Dividers 2.99, receive $2.98 MaxPerks Bonus Rewards Limit 1
-Home Select Pocket Tissues $.01- With $5 minimum purchase, Limit 6
-Staples 1-subject notebook $.01, with $5 minimum purchase, Limit 6
-Pilot Bottle2Pen pens 5ct $5.29, submit for $5.29 easy rebate.  Limit 1.  These pens are made from recycled plastic bottles as the covering.  Love them!
-Sharpie fine black markers 2pk $.50.  Limit 2.
-Staples Pencil Box $.50- Limit 2.
-Avery Dividers, 5 tab $.25.  Limit 2.
-Bic Highlighters 5ct $1.  Limit 2.  Get these for free with that Bic coupon.
-Hammermill Copy paper $6.99.  Buy 1 submit for $5.99 easy rebate.  Limit 2.  There’s also a coupon for $1/1 online or in their weekly ad.
-Staples Stapler $3
Happy shopping!



  • So sorry about your week. 🙁 Just wanted to let you know that at Office Depot they will let teachers that have their rewards card 40 folders at a time!!!! 🙂 I walked in and out a few times in a row this week AND gave my girls each their own 10. 🙂 I needed 160ish folders. I'm a few shy so we will head there again tomorrow! 🙂 Also… last year I think Office Max price matched.



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