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Part-Part-Whole visual

Part Part Whole with Addition and Subtraction

Teaching part-part-whole relationships is critical while teaching addition and subtraction.  For students to build a solid understanding of addition and subtraction, they need to understand what each one represents. While helpful when working with equations with unknowns in all areas, it’s imperative that students have a solid understanding of addition and subtraction so they’re able to apply both skills in real world scenarios. Understanding part-part-whole is a much more effective strategy to teach for problem

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St. Patrick’s Day Math

So today was one of those days that will go down in history as epic. Epic.  Some of our students went absolutely and positively crazy.  Cra hazy.  There was a butter knife in one situation and a rock larger than my hand involved in the other.  Everyone was safe and it sounds worse than it was, but it was crazy.  But, my day ended much better.  We were able to leave early instead of doing

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